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So I went to Dr Arnold originally for Invisalign (he has an in-office option that is WAY cheaper) since my adult teeth had started to crowd. Their office staff and hygienists are so personable it’s like visiting family! I was done in 6 months and I love my teeth now! So then my oldest daughter got braces and because I had already been a patient I got $100 off her braces! But it gets even better!! I’ve had 2 more kids in braces and 2 more waiting for their turn and with each additional family member it’s another $100 off! So $100 for oldest, $200 for next one..you see what a I mean?! This office cares about repeat business, making each one of our family members feel important, flexible appointments and Lori at the front desk is like my BFF. We have chatted about everything! Don’t hesitate to call their office!!

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